Webinar on Literary Theories and Criticism

              Michael Job College of Arts and Science for Women organized a webinar on 26th March 2021 for the students of the Department of English. It was meticulously arranged and skillfully executed by the faculties of English Department. The Chief Guest of the session – Ms. Vidya Dass, Faculty of English from RVS College of Arts and Science delivered her lecture on the topic ‘Literary Theories and Criticism’. The webinar had started at 11.30 AM and went till 1p.m which included Q&A Session as well. The gathering was welcomed by the Head of the English Dept. – Ms. Yasmine and a note of thanks was issued by Ms. Priyadharsini. The proceedings of the webinar were led by Ms. Hemachandrika. The significant and necessary title of the day enlightened the students to have newer insights in literature.