IAB has been the pioneer in empowering the visually challenged towards self-reliance through various initiatives. The Institute in its 35 years has made remarkable progress, be it in the number of lives it has touched or numerous services that are being offered. Currently, in Tamil Nadu, out of the 30,000 x educated and vocationally trained visually challenged people, 20% are being educated, rehabilitated, and even employed by IAB. (Source – IAB website)

The students and faculty of Michael Job College of Arts and Science had been donating funds to support the visually challenged people through the association for the past eight years. The association recognized the college by declaring it to be the recipient of the IAB National award continuously for the past three years. Now in 2020, the college has been awarded with the Silver Zone Award and has been declared as IAB Blind Empowerment Champion 2020. They have declared this award for the outstanding excellence and amazing commitment and support rendered by the student and faculty towards the visually challenged people.
These social activities carried within the college have inculcated a social responsibility among the students.